April 20, 2018

Attention Runners!!

Hello and good morning to you all. This year’s 4th annual Murrieta avocado half marathon and 5k will be canceled. We will not be able to hold this year’s event do to one of our main partners backing out. The event organizers are not able to fund the event out of pocket or with registration fees only. We tried to raise money with other sponsors but time was not on our side.

We are working with our registration platform and Groupon who some of you purchased with to ensure all who signed up for this year’s race will get a full refund by June 1, 2018. The people who signed up with Groupon, they have already had issued statements and refunds so please check your accounts. If you have any questions please contact Groupon in these regards as they are handling the refunds for those who purchased with them.

We want to thank all of who have supported this race the past three years through its ups and downs and we hope someday this race can take place again.

We ask that you please give the time stated about June 1, 2018 to receive a refund. These things take time as we have to work with two platforms to ensure we get all refunded who paid.

The people who purchased through LA fitness on site you will receive a check in the mail. We have your contact information and we will be reaching out by email and phone to you.

If you purchased with please email us at Please be patient for a response but know you will receive a full refund through no later than June 1, 2018

Thank you and have a great day

Sincerely, The Avocado Staff


Charitable Partner