Ambassadors Program

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Murrieta Avocado Half marathon and 5k Ambassadors program. Below we have outlined the guidelines to becoming one of our 20 Ambassadors. We thank you for your support and we look forward to all of you helping us making 2018 our best event yet.
Please email us @ if you want to participate.
We will allow 20 Ambassadors and we will choose the first 20 who apply and agree to our terms.

Each Ambassador will receive your own unique code to share on social media, blogs and email list they choose. This code will give people signing up under your code 15% off of either the 5k or Half Marathon.
Ambassadors can sell for both the Half marathon and the 5k
If an ambassador sells 10 half marathon spots he or she will receive one of our smart watches and a free entry for either the 5K or half marathon. For every 10 spots that you sell for the half marathon, you will receive one of the smart watches. We will only allow 4 watches per Ambassador who sells 40 spots.

Once an ambassador hits 50 half marathon spots, they will receive a free pair of running shoes from Road runners sports paid for by the event. If you can either pick up them up in person in San Diego or you may have them shipped to you. With every 50 registrations sold, you will receive a free pair of running shoes from Roadrunner Sports. Ambassadors selling 5k spots must reach 20 registrations sold to receive one free entry and one smart watch. Again, we will limit each ambassador to 4 watches. This is 80 5K spots.

Ambassadors who sell 100 5k spot will also receive a pair of running shoes.Ambassadors may sell both 5K and Half marathon spots, but each count separately for free entries, watches and free shoes. We will keep track and email you on your progress.

Please read and sign our terms of agreement. Return by email to Remember that the first 20 to respond and sign this form will be our 2018 Ambassadors. Get started today.

Murrieta Avocado Half Marathon and 5k Ambassador Program will begin on Friday, April 28th, 2017 and will end on October 31st, 2017. As an ambassador it is your responsibility to represent this event correctly and promote on your own resources without aide from the event directors. Please be able to answer questions about the event by doing your research on our website at The date for the 4th Annual Murrieta Avocado Half Marathon and 5K is Saturday, February 24th, 2018. Please know the event pricing and be aware of price increases. We will keep you up to date via email, but make sure to keep a lookout for them and any updates we post on our social media pages. Feel free to share any posts that we have or pictures from our pages. Do not share posts or pictures that are not related to this event. There will be a waiting list for those that missed the first 20 ambassadors to be chosen. If you as an ambassador do not sell either a 5k or half marathon spot within the 30 days, we will need to remove you and replace your ambassador status with the next on the list. We feel confident that you will have no problem selling registrations as per your interest and submission of this form. If there is any breach in the integrity of the terms and agreements as an ambassador, we will contact you to resolve the issue first and come to an agreement on both parties as whether you want to continue as an ambassador. Thank you again for your commitment to a successful 2018 event.

*Please copy the above section, paste in an email, sign and return to:

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